The Dominator Midi Ilumen - MY SAFESPACE

Featured among Robb Report‘s 20 most Spectacular Luxury Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything, the extraordinary Dominator Midi Ilumen is available now!

The Extraordinary Dominator Midi Ilumen is available now!

Featured among Robb Report‘s 20 most Spectacular Luxury Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything 
The Extraordinary Dominator Midi Ilumen is available now!

Featured among Robb Report‘s 20 most Spectacular Luxury Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything, the extraordinary Dominator Midi Ilumen is available now for a unique community of discerning thinkers, global citizens and thought leaders who share a passion for boutique craftsmanship, design, creation and the most extraordinary things in life.

Dominator Yachts is pioneering and perfectioning the concept of ultimate luxury and unprecedented bespoke builds with a mega yacht philosophy in a small format, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before on a 11M yacht:

The exterior area is equipped with a smart Miele BBQ, spacious sunbeds, a full carbon hardtop and the latest audio-video and navigation systems as well as the innovative Raymarine Yachtsense vessel automation: bespoke user interface options deliver a modern and elegant vessel automation solution to monitor mechanical systems and take control of the vessel amenities right from the helm.

The Dominator Midi Ilumen MY SAFESPACE is a confident statement of one‘s achievements and projection of extraordinary successes in a Mini-format:

The luxury safespace is made from an upscale high-tech construction in post-cured glass and carbon with full epoxy and Awlcraft paint cycles.

MY SAFESPACE comes with a Volvo Penta D300 Aquamatic, a Seakeeper 2 and Humphree Interceptors for an optimum stabilization, excellent seakeeping abilities and an easy maneuvering.

For those who are unstoppable, the Dominator Midi Ilumen can be also equipped with the next generation of Volvo Penta D4 and D6 propulsion packages for a maximum speed of up to 50kn.

"An Ilumen is not off the rack but made-to-measure and the product of our on-going commitment to technological research and innovative design combined with the very personal soul of each and every owner."
- Mag. Angela Pernsteiner, Creator & Managing Partner -

Unique Legacy. Elegant Understatement. Bold Self-Expression. Limitless Imagination.

The ultra-luxury convertible cabin offers tastemakers a serene realm to recharge: exquisite grey oak, refined orange Nubuck leather details and a rare marble in the galley and bathroom are only a few details, which turn this masterpiece into perfection in a mini-format.

Elevated nuances like the innovative smart bathroom glass that converts from transparent to an opaque translucent state for privacy, invisible ipad charging stations or the fine maple wood up-and-down table epitomize Dominator Yachts‘ artisanship and attention to detail.

Reconfigure. Reinvent. Recreate.

In an increasingly complex and turbulent world you deserve your very own safespace where you can self-express your ideas and vision, get recharged and indulge in bespoke experiences beyond anything you have known before.

Unlocking your true potential takes center stage at the Dominator Midi-Ilumen philosophy:


Your were born for greatness and to enjoy the finest things in the world.
Recreate, redefine and reconfigure your legacy every day in a of elegance and performance.