clean and bright Dominator shipyard at work
Dominator shipyard production
handcraft leather works for bespoke Dominator yachts
handcraft wood works for bespoke Dominator yachts
bespoke carpentry works for a Dominator yacht masterpiece
a tailormade furniture solution for a Dominator yacht
lifting of engine in the Dominator shipyard


The only way to create unique, superior quality yachts is to treat each one as if it were the only boat in production, and as if that boat were your own.

Dominator yachts are solid and extremely robust, and they are all built in our shipyards, right from the glass fibre. Every craft is hand-finished, and painstaking care is taken over even the tiniest detail.
Dominator also guarantees a very high level of customization thanks to a production philosophy that is based firmly on craftsmanship. Hi-tech solutions, specially designed furnishings, fine materials and top-class finishings all ensure that every expectation and dream is fulfilled.